Let’s say you see a sprinkler gone awry at the park. Or a broken lounge chair by the community pool. Maybe there’s a downed parkway tree and it’s blocking the sidewalk. What do you do? Who do you tell?

There’s a quick, easy, and fully online Community Concern form that’s your best bet.

You’ll need to include your contact info, address, and details about your concern (photos too, if you can).

Once you hit submit it will go straight to the Alamar Community Life Team, and in a timely manner you’ll get an email receipt and info on how the concern will be addressed.

Why should I submit one?

Alamar is a vibrant, growing community, so we need everyone’s help when it comes to maintaining our neighborhood’s unique character and high-quality standards.

As a resident, you’re out in the community. You’re our eyes and ears. And you can help report community concerns and damages that require the attention of the Alamar Community Life Team.

Plus, upholding Alamar’s undeniable curb appeal is what will keep your home value high.

When should I submit one?

Here are a few common scenarios when it’s best to submit a Community Concern form.

Parkway trees and irrigation

If you spot an overgrown parkway tree or an irrigation issue (flooding, blocked sprinklers, etc.), send in a Community Concern form. Even if you’re just concerned about the health of the tree, send in a form so the Alamar landscape team can take a look at it.

Landscaping and amenity maintenance

If you see something by the pool or in the neighborhood parks (broken equipment, overgrown shrubs, lifeless trees, etc.) go ahead and send in a Community Concern form.


While it’s best practice to chat with your neighbor first, if you need help with a compliance violation (let’s say your neighbor has now stationed their 40-foot RV right in front of your house), let us know via a Community Concern form.

Keep in mind, it’s Arizona law (ARS 33-1242 and 33-1803) that any complaint submitted to the community association cannot be made anonymously. If you’re reporting a violation, you’ll need to include your first and last name, which could be shared with the involved party.

When isn't it appropriate to submit Community Concern form?

This is a biggie, because not every issue is right for a Community Concern form.

If you spot sidewalk or street issues (like potholes, concrete cracks, or abandoned vehicles), you’ll need to contact the city of Avondale.

For noise, leash law or barking dog complaints, call the city of Avondale’s animal control hotline at 623-333-7012.

If you have a safety concern or feel that you or someone else may be in danger, always contact the police. If you need it, the Avondale Police Department’s non-emergency line is 623-333-7001.

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